Hot work training for Scandinavia


Hot work and hot work training in Scandinavia

  • Hot work (Norwegian "varme arbeider" or Swedish "heta arbeten") means work that pose a fire hazard, using machinery and equipment creating open flame, sparks or hot air, which may lead to fire.
  • Hot works include works such as gas welding, electric welding, works using a gas burner, thermal cutting, grinding and works using a heat gun.
  • Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) have introduced a special safety provision governing conducting of hot works. According to that provision, hot works at high fire hazard locations might only be conducted and supervised by employees who have undergone hot work training  and hold a valid hot work certificate. 


Hot work certificates for Scandinavia

  • Any employee who wishes to receive a hot work certificate needs to undergo certification training and pass the written test. 
  • The occupational groups covered with hot work certification system in Scandinavia include: welders, installers of steel structures, grinders, installers of pipes, mechanics, sheet metal workers, electricians, plumbers, painters, roofers and construction workers.
  • Hot work certification requirement applies both to permanent workers and to foreign employees of subcontracting companies and temporary work agencies performing contracts or projects in Scandinavia.
  • Hot work certificates are required not only from individuals performing the hot works, but also from employees who supervise them. 

Hot work training

  • The objective of the hot work training is to make the employees acquainted  with the safety regulation governing conducting of hot works in Scandinavia and to  make them aware of increased fire risk during such works.
  • The training is designed not only for individuals who are to perform hot work, but also to the employees who supervise safe performance of hot works, performing the function of a fire guard (Nor. brannvakt). 
  • Hot work courses include several hours of training in Polish language. It is also possible to have the training conducted in English or Norwegian language. 

Hot work certificate

After undergoing the training and passing the written test, the participants receive the Norwegian hot work certificates issued by The Norwegian Fire Protection Association (Norsk brannvernforening). The certificate is issued in the form of a plastic card. 

The Norwegian hot work certificate (varme arbeider sertifikat) is valid for 5 years in all the Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

  • The price of the hot work training with the hot work certificate: 800 PLN net (984 PLN including VAT) / person.
  • Individual date of training can be established for organised groups. Organised groups might also get a discount.
  • Training is organised at various locations in Poland and Scandinavia. The training might be conducted at the time and location indicated by the client, at their request.
  • Training details

  • Exam details

Hot work training program

  • introduction: the definition of hot works, statistics and regulations applicable in Scandinavia
  • the theory of fire: fire hazard, various types og flammable materials, causes of fires and their spreading
  • extinguishing agents, manual fire fighting equipment and fire fighting devices, practical fire extinguishing exercises
  • legal regulations applying to fire protection and hot works
  • preparation of workplace: fire protection, HSE documentation
  • safety procedures during hot works and prevention measures after finishing work

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